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Documentation about the Equation Group's DanderSpritz post-exploitation framework

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DanderSpirtz Operations

Operations allow DanderSpritz to centrally collect all data related to an attack against a particular organization.

  • All session data (commands, logs, screenshots, exfiltrated data, etc) collected by DanderSpritz across all targets are stored in the operation’s directory.
  • By default, DanderSpritz wants to create a new private / public key pair for C&C communication for each unique operation.
  • DanderSpritz has the capability to correlate data across targets within the same operation and show the operator if the following items were seen previously on other targets:
  • Unknown or suspicious drivers drivers
  • Personal Protection Products (PSP)
  • Unknown or suspicious services
  • Unknown or suspicious registry keys
  • Potential methods of persistence
  • Safety Handlers can be registered across an entire operation
  • DanderSpritz has the capability to replay operations by using the ReplayingWizard.py script included in the “D:\DSZOPSDISK” folder
  • Operational Notes (opsnotes.txt) can be parsed to automatically create “Technical Summaries” that can be shared about an operation

Operation Folder

Operations can easily be created using the FuzzBunch tool’s wizard and are automatically created in:


Contents of an operation’s folder

This content is still under construction

DanderSpirtz and Fuzzbunch will each create a separate folder for each individual target: By default, DanderSpritz names targets in the following format:


The last digit will automatically increment as DanderSpritz connects to more targets.

Folder / File Contents

Contents of a Specific Target’s folder

Folder / File Contents
GetFiles Data exfiltrated and downloaded from the target
LegacyExploits Legacy exploits launched from the target against another machine
Logs Logs from all commands run on the target in XML format with results & data returned
Payloads Payloads generated and configured on the target by DanderSpritz (likely peddlecheap) and used to move laterally
Screenshots Screenshots taken on the target (either manually using the screenshot command or automatically by another tool

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